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Release Notes

Visual3D Version 2020.04 Copyright (C) 2000-2020 C-Motion, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Updates in v2020.04.01

  • Roll up of all bug fixes and development changes in release candidates.
  • New naming convention for better tracking of updates

Updates in 6.03.07

  • Add capability to remove segments from consideration
 from assigning a force to it.
  • Some commands using a model metric sometimes do not
 access the model properly, fixed to be consistent
 when multiple models are present.
  • Gap fill clusters using locations of the tracking
 markers (prototype hidden).
  • Fix page title when no report items exist on the page
  • Fix CalTester to allow manual selection of the FP
 being tested.

Updates in 6.03.06

  • Fix Metric_Event_Count when counting the last
 frame of a file to account for precision

Updates in 6.03.05

  • Report item editing now returns list to same
 position when you selected item to edit.
  • Set_View_Options did not default to work the
 same as previous versions, corrected to allow
 setting the background to white.
  • Metric folder viewing sometimes did not show
 all items in the folder.
  • Changes to Copy and Reflect Landmark to work
  • Allow model template to be applied to multiple
 static calibration file in Open and Append

Updates in 6.03.04

  • Fix regression in FP Auto Baseline
  • Fix bug to make analog synch signal visible
  • Add edit dialog to Set_Force_Platform_Threshold
  • Fix hybrid segment CG on serializing .cmz files
 - affects drawing of axes at CG

Updates in 6.03.03

  • Fix when using rotations to determine pose.
  • Scaling for P2D signals when using manual range.
  • Create edit dialog for Set_Force_Platform_Threshold

Updates in 6.03.02

  • Fix error in Metric_Signal_Value_At_Event

Updates in 6.03.01

  • Delay load of dlls not called in Windows 7
 to prevent a Visual3D load error.

Updates in 6.01.52 (release candidate)

  • Additional modifications for read only models when viewing the CMZ/CMO library of files.

Updates in 6.01.51 (release candidate)

  • Fix read only library dialogs to disallow applying changes to a library model.
  • Fix libary display of targets in a model.
  • Continue bug fixes for Average Filter and Set_View_Options command.

Updates in 6.01.50 (release candidate)

  • New report editing interfaces to integrate various dialogs into cleaner tabbed design.
  • COP_PATH normalization bug fix. This used to normalize ML and AP to the conical foot circumference and was changed to normalize only to the foot radius.
  • Real Time Plugin cleanup
  • Fix crash in set data to new values.
  • Add ALL_MODELS and ACTIVE_MODELS to Set_Model_Metric command to specify model.
  • Update processing results if pipeline run multiple times.
  • Text Data dialog bugs when resizing fix.
  • Fix activiation bug on Windows 7
  • Option added to force odd frames on filter commands.
  • Export FP and assignments from View/Modify Force Platform Assignments tab.
  • Modify Force Structure Parameters Speed Values were set to NAN
  • Fix transform data coordinate system upsample rate with IK signals.
  • Set view options command fixes for options which weren't working.
  • Fix bug moving event frames in dialog.
  • Fixes for synchronized motion file dialog so it works better with the command.

Updates in 6.01.49 (release candidate)

  • Fix control buttons on the real-time biofeedback tab.
  • Fix activation use of computer name to prevent duplication of mixed and all upper case names.

Updates in 6.01.47 (release candidate)

  • Fix rare bug causing a crash for setting analog baselines after loading a .cmz file when fp_zeros are -1 on file load.
  • More changes in prompt for pipeline parameter value
  • RT fix for disconnect/reconnect
  • Menu option to view ReadMe file.

Updates in 6.01.45 (release candidate)

  • Allow segment colorization in synchronized motion file animation
  • Fix in prompt for pipeline parameter value
  • Minor error corrected in real-time graphs
  • Add option for Rename_Signals in cal file

Updates in 6.01.43 (release candidate)

  • Updated video rendering for greater compatibility with video codecs.
  • Fix Make Line Graph command for intermediate events and exclude events used with Event_Sequences
  • Indefinite Integral initial value fixes
  • Event range issue when 2 events exist at the same time (rare instance).
  • Continued modifications in preparation of new report graph editing features.
  • Fix Evaluate_Expression crash for spline
  • Software activation fix for Unicode Asian characters.
  • Fix missing Compute_Distance_Map command history.

Updates in 6.01.41 (release candidate)

  • Fix discontinuity of joint angle X around 90 degrees.

Updates in 6.01.39 (release candidate)

  • Fix File Open regression in 6.01.37 for .cmo files saved between 2009-01 and 2010-11 versions of Visual3D.

Updates in 6.01.37 (release candidate)

  • Fix digitizing pointer crash regression
  • GCVSPL spline now handles rotations
  • 64 bit IK precision tweak
  • Add string_to_upper and string_to_lower expression functions
  • Fix consistency for IK target color animation
  • Fix filtering crash, deny filtering for folders that shouldn't be filtered, fix filter minor bug.
  • Tweak to handling of graph tick marks.
  • New real time Metric_Maximum command
  • LINK_MODEL_BASED GRF_DATA now set to zero, instead of NAN when no force present.

Updates in 6.01.36

  • Fix crash when event referenced in an event sequence is empty (Performance fix regression).

Updates in 6.01.35

  • Fix crash obtaining event ranges when one of the events exists, but is empty.
  • Code infrastructure changes for standardization
  • Lowpass Filter error reporting update for maximum cutoff frequency
  • Modifications for synchronized motion files (and library capability).
  • Popup command wizard fix for recognizing the correct pipeline.
  • Fix for CalTester target residuals being graphed.

Updates in 6.01.34

  • Fix marker highlight in Model Building regression for segment calibration markers.
  • Fix segment dialog for rotations.
  • Remove warning for Make_Line_Graph when event sequence not used.
  • Map segment & muscle color modified to use default active model.
  • Set_Scale_Of_Objects command added.

Updates in 6.01.33

  • Helical Angle fix for when resolution coordinate system is set.
  • Set Animate Multiple File changes
  • Allow export of Force assignments
  • Allow import of TEXT_DATA from ASCII file.

Updates in 6.01.32

  • Fix regression for edit graph for start and stop event.

Updates in 6.01.31

  • Fix precision issue exporting to ASCII files
  • Add Event_Sequences support for all commands and graphs.
  • Add a bat object
  • Fixed synchronized scene for multiple models
  • Misc Kinatrax changes
  • Filter cutoff for 6DOF segments
  • Fix crash in saving model template
  • Allow breakpoint text to be TEXT_DATA signal
  • Fix default folder on Import ASCII to be null string, not .txt

Updates in 6.01.30

  • Fix position of report page title to account for margin changes
  • Fix pipeline breakpoint dialog to allow for more text to be displayed
  • Fix command to load RT pipeline to lock shared resources to prevent crash
  • Camera tracking tweaks
  • Modify label scaling in reports
  • Allow selecting a line on a graph in the report tab when animating
  • Allow event_sequence when exporting data to an ASCII file

Updates in 6.01.29

  • Fix performance issue with event sequences
  • Add animation frame line to report graphs
  • Add legend option to view graph line value when viewing animation in report mode
  • Fix bug which can create duplicate event timestamps at the same frame
  • Fix animation banner visibility
  • Fix event sequence export to ASCII bug
  • Fix command to attach camera to segment

Updates in 6.01.28

  • Real Time resource leak causing freezes and crashes

Updates in 6.01.27

  • Handle missing data when exporting report item to text file
  • Formatting of report text size tweaks
  • Add Frame_Count function to Evaluate_Expression to return the number of frames in a signal
  • Fix explicit frame numbers when specifying a frame in an expression to handle it being 1 based

Updates in 6.01.26

  • Allow setting pipeline parameter to a file's folder path.
  • Colormap updates, including the ability to set fixed range colormaps to standardize the colormap used to color animation objects.
  • Fix obscure bug displaying the Center of Gravity of segments when opening saved .cmz files and the coordinate system is not Z up, and when the option is selected to draw the axis at the center of the segment.
  • Allow explicit frame range for the SNIP expression.
  • FILE_OPEN fix for .vnd files.
  • Dialog item user interface tweaks for several commands.
  • Fix crash for certain sequences of navigation through model muscle dialogs.
  • Change behavior of expression or operator | to better handle NAN.

Updates in 6.01.25

  • Fixed regression in opening VND files caused an invalid error message to appear and the file not opened.

Updates in 6.01.24

  • 64 bit Matlab version support

Updates in 6.01.23

  • Fix missing View Kinematic Only Segments property read from registry.
  • Update viewer when selecting tracking markers in Model Builder
  • Fis background color of RT graphs for threshold when selecting default
  • Changed interpretation of legacy treadmill direction
  • Fix digitizing post processing crash
  • Display Signal Stats data header fix for quick view
  • Fix getting filenames from disk for extra items returned in rare scenarios.
  • Fix Evaluate_Expression crash
  • Force a recalc when saving and motion file segments are out of synch with model
  • Avoid pelvis gimbal lock during follow through using Z-X-Y

Updates in 6.01.22

  • Fix timestamps when only analog channels streamed.

Updates in 6.01.21

  • Fix real time crash editing real time pipeline while streaming
  • Fix baseline changes in Modify_Analog_Parameters command.
  • Fix using reduced FP min in Auto_FP_Baseline command
  • Fix time offset in Event_Copy command
  • Fix crash when .cmz file is saved after modifying the number of segments in the model, but without applying the model to the motion files.
  • Backward compatibility fix for .cmz segment residual to prevent crash when reading new .cmz files in older Visual3D.

Updates in 6.01.20

  • Basic filtering BETA added to realtime
  • Several minor bugs fixed in the RT Biofeedback processing

Updates in 6.01.19

  • Fix segment residual for last frame of data read by .cmz files.
  • Fix minor recent file list issue.
  • Create Analog Rate parameter if missing

Updates in 6.01.18

  • Fix Spline/Snip commands for P2D data.
  • Allow graphing of 1 component P2D data.

Updates in 6.01.17

  • Fix .cmz file open regression of files with a lot of events.
  • Fix Set_Data_To_New_Values to work with P2D data
  • Fix RT bar graph quirks
  • Fix reading Matfiles with extra unexpected variables that are not cell arrays
  • Save model template fix for IK rotation axes
  • Allow deleting data with blank signal name
  • Fix quirks with drawing the floor

Updates in 6.01.16

  • Processing results performance changes and fix display settings.
  • Allow the user to set default results settings and temporary ones for the current pipeline by command.
  • Allow P2D data for Set_Data_To_New_Values command.
  • Add @Eval( ) for special cases for command parameters.
  • Fix exporting more than 255 events.
  • Fix analog scale when set to NaN.
  • Save paper size to .cmo/z files.
  • Fix IK for a 1 segment link.
  • Fix Export_Line_Graph_Pipeline components.

Updates in 6.01.15

  • Fix uninitialized variable and consolidate duplicated information internally.

Updates in 6.01.14

  • Enhance internal pipeline command restrictions for Reckon3D compatibility

Updates in 6.01.13

  • Fix View_Processing_Results command
  • Fix regression setting 'time' to 'frames' in report graphs
  • Fix Cross_Product obscure components bug.

Updates in 6.01.12

  • Add RT graph options for custom title, center the title.
  • Add RT option to remove Y axis label from

biofeedback graphs

  • Fix popups error unprotecting a folder
  • Fix report legend on staggered graphs
  • Fix error loading an interactive graph layout

Updates in 6.01.11

  • Tweak real time bar graph spacing and size.
  • CalTester bug with target data in meters.
  • Fix export C3D file with landmarks bug.
  • Fix export C3D file bug when first frame is > 1.
  • Fix kinematic only Helen Hayes pelvis.
  • Fix real time color representation in graph dlg.

Updates in 6.01.10

  • Fix report annotations error with average event
  • Fix Copy Event dialog which changed new event to upper case.

Updates in v6.01.09

  • Handle Frames/Time in Realtime
  • Fix signal folder selection in report graph dialog
  • Add RT Scroll direction change option for RT graphs
  • Allow RT Bar graph color change using line color
  • Add option to view segment lines as cylinders
  • Fix Resolve_Discontinuity issue with 1st frame
  • Fix IK dependency order build issue

Updates in v6.01.08

  • Fix report crash when annotations index into signal beyond the frames contained in the signal.
  • Fix bar graph flicker in realtime
  • Fix realtime FPS processing of Evaluate_Expression.
  • Tweaks to OpenGL animation

Updates in v6.01.07

  • Fix landmark updates when segment location updates for IK in the static model.
  • Pause when printing from a script in order to prevent issues when printting page changes.
  • Fix asci file target scaling for some files.
  • Fix Metric_Event_Sequence_Count

Updates in v6.01.06

  • Fix custom segment mass expression from reverting to default expression when using a default geometry after you modify subject mass.
  • Revert GCVSPL behavior back to 6.01.03 behavior.
  • Tweaks to Matlab engine interface to see if it fixes some obscure message from popping up for some users.
  • Fix Set Data To New Value for analog subframes
  • Fix Remove_Prefix_From_Point_Labels when a bad prefix parameter is specified. Fix modifying the static trial when no motion file is assigned to it.
  • Add a Create_Rotation command
  • Add segment selection to Compute_Planar_Angle dialog.
  • Fix Append_Model_Template for IK Chains that have segments that already exist in the model.
  • Update recent path when there is an error with the file opened, you probably want to go to that path again to select the correct file.

Updates in v6.01.05

  • Fix obscure model building error introduced in 6.01.04

Updates in v6.01.04

  • Performance tweaks
  • Fixes in the Mayo Functional Joints algorithm
  • Fix multithreading crash
  • Continued IOR_Quality_Assurance modifications
  • Fix copy and reflect, or copy segment when segment is not using default SCS
  • Add Metric_Interquartile_Range command and expression
  • Change expression integration commands to Indefinite_Integral and Metric_Integrate. Also changed metric expression commands to use the prefix "Metric_" to clarify expressions.
  • Fix exit real time crash when streaming
  • Fix SVG axis labels
  • Export animation frame fixes
  • New command to draw poly lines around a point in real time
  • Infrastructure changes for processing results

Updates in v6.01.03

  • Performance tweaks
  • Update Opensim default to 2.3
  • Fix Modify_Force_Structures crash
  • Fix Edit_Report_Text dialog bug
  • IOR_Quality_Assurance command availability
  • Functional Joints Definition dialog modifications
  • C3D file fix for customer's erroneous C3D file so it can be read and fixed.
  • Menu Settings option to turn multi threading on or off for Visual3D.

Updates in v6.01.02

  • Fix drawing floor when no model file is given
  • Fix balloon text expression information in saved .cmz files
  • Real time color changes in graphs for target range
  • Real time temporal and distance metric creation which prevented use in bar charts

Updates in v6.01.01

  • Fix balloon text saved to a file which requires expression evaluation
  • Fix slow loading of Kinatrax files
  • Fix Real Time graphs when transitioning to lower threshold colors of yellow and red lines
  • Add Real Time biofeedback command for Biofeedback_Show_Image_In_Range
  • Include missing .dll required for 64 bit Matlab

Updates in v6.01.00

  • Real Time performance and functionality improvements
  • Matlab now available in 64 bit, with new and real time interfaces to put and eval directly to the Matlab workspace
  • Numerous fixes and tweaks.
  • Evaluate_Expression function additions for Metric_Integrate, Metric_Sum
  • Bring back old Functional Joints Post Processing abilities that went away in v6.
  • Visual3D Server interface issues dealing with force platforms and scaling
  • New IOR Quality Assurance command

Updates in v6.00.34

  • Support for Kinatrax file format change.
  • Add Next and Previous Warning buttons to processing results
  • Specify size (or null) for a landmark in the 3D animation window.
  • Fix to export landmark when target of the same name contains no data.
  • Fix for automatic gait TPR to use first good ON and OFF events when first occurance is too close to the start, or end of a file to perform TPR.

Updates in v6.00.33

  • Fix units conversion issue when interfacing with Visual3D RT Server.
  • Fix SVG export of report to include labels
  • Fix NAN handling issue in certain expressions

Updates in v6.00.32

  • Realtime fix for crash that occurs with specific licensing configurations
  • Report image resolution fix for high quality image display

Updates in v6.00.31

  • Fix custom geometry CODA pelvis inertial properties when saving and loading a file.

Updates in v6.00.30

  • Fixed graphics model object
  • Fix landmark creation with deep dependencies
  • Remove Signals for analog, update force platform

Updates in v6.00.29

  • Assorted CalTester bugs fixed
  • Force Structure update bug fixed

Updates in v6.00.28

  • Fix user interface issues for encrypted data.
  • CalTester, fix assorted bugs
  • Force Structure processing in real-time..

Updates in v6.00.27

  • Add Best_Fit_Sphere function to expressions.
  • Fix Expression RAND function to be more random.
  • Fix Remove_Signals command for no active files
 and for model files.

Updates in v6.00.26

  • Performance fix for exporting high frame graph
  • Improve defaults on File Save when closing files
  • Make_Text_Annotations expressions
  • Fix crash deleting a CODA pelvis
  • Fix First_Frame when long integer used

Updates in v6.00.25

  • Fix legends being drawn underneath graph lines
 (make work like they were drawn in v5)
  • Update pipeline processing window when open.
  • Fix Auto FP Baseline when -Y is up.
  • Prompt for file save when closing C3D files.

Updates in v6.00.24

  • Fix CMO File open crash due to recalc pipeline
 stack overflow problem.
  • Fix getting the number of elements from a CMZ

Updates in v6.00.23

  • Fix crash in Set_Pipeline_Parameter_To_Data
 when using C3D Parameters.

Updates in v6.00.22

  • Fix command to File_Open_CalTester_File
 when a file is named in the command.
  • Fix dialog to modify force structures.

Updates in v6.00.21

  • Revert 'Condition_Statement' to act as
 'Expression_Loop' used to behave.
  • Fix activation for users who had a v6 evaluation
 installed before purchasing.
  • Allow Set_Pipeline_Parameter_To_Data_Value to use
 Text data.
  • Fix for Export_Line_Graph_Pipeline
  • Fix Export_C3D_File when no files are active

Update in v6.00.20

  • Fix CODA Pelvis dialog
  • Fix bug in Add_Graph_Annotation from pipeline.
  • Updated a few command dialogs
  • Fix Conditional_Statement from appearing as though
 it executes twice in processing results.

Update in v6.00.19

  • Fix for French language crash.
  • Tweak printed bold lines to show up properly.

Updates in v6.00.18

  • XSens mvnx compatibility fix
  • Convert Pelvis segment type between types
 (CODA, V3D_Hybrid, etc).
  • Kinatrax model changes to match data in .csv file
  • Feature to create FP surface corners from FP corners
  • Expression compatibility fix for certain component
 access formats
  • Modify copy and reflect to work with more segment
 name formats (ie; L/R at end of name)

Updates in v6.00.17

  • Fix crash reading .cmz/.cmo files with Helen Hayes
  • Fix Functional Joints/post processing crash

Updates in v6.00.16

  • Fix Multiply_Signal_By_Constant to not crash when an
 element is specified that doesn't exist in the signal.
  • Fix Call_Script with a breakpoint so it can be resumed

Updates in v6.00.15

  • Conditional_Statement command made available
  • Fix validation of Export_Graph command
  • Fix file handling in Metric Compute Elipse command
  • Fix bug exporting OpenSim using a front to back treadmill
  • Fix calling a breakpoint from within a meta-command

What's New in v6.03

Visual3D v6 contains more changes than any other Visual3D release. The new file format (CMZ) saves link-model data so large files will open much faster, allows for model animation while viewing the library, and allows for model based access for calculations across the library of .cmz files. With the new 64 bit version of Visual3D along with multithreading, processing time will be significantly reduced.

NOTE: plug-in modules, real-time, and MatLab support are different in 32 and 64 bit versions. There are separate plugins for 32 and 64 bit versions of Visual3D, you must download the correct plugins for the version you install. The 64-bit version will allow for better use of memory, and supports some later features of MatLab. Some older plugins have not been ported to 64 bit, so if you do not find a plugin you were previously using on 64 bit, download and install the 32 bit version to use the older plugin.

Although there have been many enhancements to Visual3D, below is an outline of just a few of the new features and new commands.

Visual3D is continuously updated with new features and enhancements so keeping up with the latest download you will be sure to have access to the latest bug fixes, new features and enhancements.

Performance Changes

  1. A 64 Bit version of Visual3D
    1. This will resolve issues for users with large CMO's that often hit the "Out of Memory" error
  2. New CMZ file format for saving files
    1. Faster file open times
  3. Performance enhancements for faster model building and IK computations times
  4. Multithreading
  5. Library Enhancements:
    1. Segment animation
    2. Ability to create new Link Model Based items
  6. Incorporate CalTester+ force platform corner location into Visual3D
  7. Inverse Kinematics Enhancements:
    1. Motion Constraints
    2. Boundary Conditions
    3. C3D files are processed simultaneously for much faster processing times

Interface Changes

  1. Easier report editing with tabbed design. More changes currently in the works for future releases
  2. Support for 4K monitors
  3. Many real time streaming enhancements and features for RT biofeedback
  4. Enhanced graphs with many improvements such as smoother lines and better scaling
  5. New interface enhancements and toolbar icons
    1. Will also fix print to PDF issues for some users when printing dotted lines
  6. Modeless dialog capability for using common dialogs while working in other dialogs simultaneously
  7. Event Sequence definitions to simplify specifying and modification of ranges throughout Visual3D
  8. Color coded text editor for the pipeline
  9. The Query function was added to the Reports
  10. Copy Landmark feature

Event Creation

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Event_Define_Event_Sequence - Event Sequences can be used to define sequences of events such as right stance, or the first 20 cycles. Event sequences can then be used in place of events in subsequent processing.

When defining maximums & minimums in Visual3D, a new parameter was added which allows users to define the threshold. This parameter was added for the following commands:

Event Management

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Event_Sequence_Delete - Event Sequences can be used to define sequences of events such as right stance, or the first 20 cycles. Event sequences can then be used in place of events in subsequent processing.

File Management

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Create_Text_Data - Text Data is a new "Signal Type" which was added to the data tree. This allows users to define strings in the CMO file. For example, a signal can be created called "Affected_Side" and the user can specify the Left or Right side here. Files can be queried using text data as well.


New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

FP_Auto_Baseline - This command can be used to automatically determines the zero period and the force platform minimum value. This is especially helpful for treadmill trials when it is difficult to determine a period when the treadmill is unloaded and for front to back treadmills where a high force platform minimum value can cause discontinuity in the force signal.





64 bit Matlab support.

  1. Put_To_Matlab
  2. Get_From_Matlab
  3. Eval_In_Matlab

Certain Matlab commands are only available in the 64 bit version. Matlab no longer supports 32 bit installations, so legacy support will only be available in the 32 bit version of Visual3D.


New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

When defining maximums & minimums in Visual3D, a new parameter was added which allows users to define the threshold. This parameter was added for the following commands:


Model Based Data Computation

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Compute_Model_Based_Data parameters with added treadmill velocities

Pipeline Control

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

RT and Post Processing Biofeedback

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Reports/Interactive Graphs

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Folder Encryption

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)


New/Modified Commands (click to expand)
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