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This page covers some of the common issues we've found customer have experienced and what to do about them...

Visual3D Installation

Error trying to install or run the Visual3D Setup program:

  • Generally this has been due to a download problem or a corrupted copy of the setup.exe file. Downloading a new one fixes it. Some people have reported problems if the file was downloaded to a networked drive.

For WINDOWS 8 or 10...

win8err1.JPG win8err2.JPG

Visual3D License Missing

Visual3D does not use root C:\ for licenses any more!

The Visual3D Installer now has a button to install the Visual3D License Key File as part on the program installation. Click that.

If Visual3D does not start because of a Missing License File then simply reinstall Visual3D and install the license file from there.

DO NOT Copy your license file to C: anymore. Let the Installer copy it instead.

Starting Visual3D

Windows error starting Visual3D:

Visual3D relies on Windows and OpenGL working together. Sometimes a graphics driver will become unstable (sometimes due to a Windows update) or a graphics feature, like hardware acceleration, gets turned off. Make sure you have:

1 - A current graphics card driver with OpenGL support enabled. (Nvidia drivers are more reliable than Microsoft drivers. Windows Update will sometimes overwrite an Nvidia one with a Microsoft one.)

2 - Microsoft Internet Explorer updates. We still don't know exactly why this must be done, but it does affect Windows and graphics.

3 - AFTER all those updates are done, one customer reported the following process that seems to have fixed his problem: "We booted the computer in Safe Mode and were able to run the software. We then booted in regular mode and it is now working."

Visual3D report Invalid License File and starts in the Free Reader mode.

Typically this is because the license file (v3dlic.v3l) is not installed, or was not copied to the correct location. To be safe, download a new copy of Visual3D and the license key file and reinstall Visual3D and its license file, overwriting any old license file.

Activation Errors

Visual3D won't activate.

  • Proactive support - ALWAYS do HELP->DEACTIVATE in Visual3D to free up a license before replacing drives, PC's, computer names, uninstalling, or when someone leaves the lab (i.e.graduates).
  • Remember to check the Activation Report to check which PC's are activated. It is on the Downloads page. Contact C-Motion support if you find duplicates or errors.
  • Student and Evaluation versions eventually expire. A new license key file is required in order to get it running again.
  • MAX Licenses in Use message means that all the licensed copied are installed. Check the Activation Report. People who have uninstalled but NOT deactivated first are still in the database as active licenses.

Visual3D was working, but suddenly stopped. Now it will not activate the license.

  • This is most often because the computer names was changed. Sometimes it is because of network issues such as VLANS and docking stations for laptops. C-Motion support may need to get involved if the computer name did not change.

Visual3D Crashes

The most common problem related to crashes is the graphics card driver is out of date. All programs require a delicate balance of compatible components operating together, and Windows and OpenGL often seem to conflict after a Windows update or service pack. Likewise, not updating Internet Explorer seems to have an effect on other software too, so the first things to try are:

  • Updating Graphics drivers and Internet Explorer
  • Verifying the latest Visual3D version is installed (Help -> Check for Updates)

If it crashes when opening a CMO file, chances are the file was corrupted somehow. Zip the CMO file and send it to support and they will check it out.

Visual3D Deactivation - Moving Visual3D to a Different Computer

Moving Visual3D requires freeing up the activated license so it can be used elsewhere.

In Visual3D, go to HELP->DEACTIVATE to free up the license. This is automatic and handled over the Internet.

Non-Internet deactivations by C-Motion staff are quite involved and require manual database updates and are only done in emergencies (i.e. totally crashed computers). If someone leaves the lab taking a licensed and activated copy of Visual3D with them means that a replacement license needs to be purchased. Replacement/additional licenses start at $1800 USD.

After deactivating a license, then you should uninstall Visual3D. That way it won't accidentally reactivate if someone launches it.

After the license has been freed, Visual3D can simply be installed and activated on another computer.

Performance Slow

Visual3D performance slowed down. Graphics are very slow.

  • Recently we have found that other programs can tax a computer, making Visual3D run slower. Common applications causing problems have been Internet Explorer running a streaming application, or Apple's Mobile Device Manager application. The Apple iPhone/iPad/iTunes background applications can only be turned off in Windows Task Manager.
  • Running Nexus, QTM, Cortex, etc. on the same computer as Visual3D can sometimes stress out the PC. Deactivating Visual3D and moving it to another PC may help.

I can't see the bones in Visual3D any more.

  • Check the icon to display the bones, check to model segment data to verify the graphics image exists on the computer (i.e. using a copied cmo file), and finally, if this is the cmo Reader application make sure that the graphics files were embedded in the cmo file before the cmo file was distributed.
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