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Before Patient's Arrival

Checkbox.jpg Turn on ALL systems

Checkbox.jpg Verify Position and Orientation of cameras

Verify the position and orientation of Motion Capture Cameras
Verify the position and orientation of Force Platforms
Verify the position and orientation of Force Structures
Verify the position and orientation of Obstacles or Environment objects

Checkbox.jpg Perform System Calibration

Perform static and/or dynamic calibrations of data collection devices
Verify results against the standards developed/referenced by your laboratory

Checkbox.jpg Verify the protocol being used for the session

Verify the experimental protocol for the current data collection session

Checkbox.jpg Set appropriate system settings

As per experimental protocol, set and verify system settings
e.g. sampling rates (synchronise), marker thresholds, ranges, triggers etc.

Checkbox.jpg Perform CalTester test

Perform Caltester test at a minimum of 2 locations on each force platform
Verify against prior laboratory results

Checkbox.jpg Prepare necessary markers and supplies

Patient's Arrival

Checkbox.jpg Obtain informed consent

Checkbox.jpg Record subject details

Insure that there are no contraindications for the patient completing the data collection
This may include data collection done via questionnaires or measurements
If data collection includes patient questionnaires check to make sure that they have been completed correctly

Checkbox.jpg Apply markers/IMUs/EMGs as per experimental protocol

Take a set of digital pictures of the subject for post-hoc review of the marker placement.

Checkbox.jpg Record static calibration trial

Ensure all markers are visible

Checkbox.jpg Verify recorded marker set

Verify recorded marker set by launching Visual3D, creating model, and applying model template appropriate for the protocol

Checkbox.jpg Remove anatomical markers

If necessary, remove anatomical markers not needed for tracking in motion trials

Checkbox.jpg Set the software system to broadcast the data

Each manufacturer has their own method of turning on the broadcasting option in their software
Check your software/hardware system's user's manual for more information

After Patient Leaves

Checkbox.jpg Clean up work station

Checkbox.jpg Save data as appropriate

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