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Visual3D provides general modeling tools that allow for the creation of any rigid segments. For convenience, we have pre-defined the properties of common segments, such as the foot, shank etc. The properties of these segments are explicit, and the user can modify the properties.

Visual3D has default 3 character names for a collection of typical segments of the human body. It is not necessary, however, for the user to see these cryptic names in the Visual3D Workspace. Each of these segment names can be mapped to user defined names by modifying the config file "segment_names.ini". The file should be located in a folder called "config" within the folder containing Visual3D.exe

The config file "segment_names.ini" maps user defined STRINGS to the default names. For example, the following would cause Visual3D to display the text to the right of the default name:

RFT = Right Foot
LFT = Left Foot
RSK = Right Shank
LSK = Left Shank
RTH = Right Thigh
LTH = Left Thigh
RPV = Pelvis
RTK = Trunk
RTA = Thorax/Ab
RAR = Right Arm
LAR = Left Arm
RFA = Right Forearm
LFA = Left Forearm
RHA = Right Hand
LHA = Left Hand
PAT = Patella
RKA = Right KAD
LKA = Left KAD
RMF = Right Virtual Foot
LMF = Left Virtual Foot
RHE = Head

Note: Any segment that has a 3 letter acronym that begins with the letter L is assumed to be on the Left Side of the body. This establishes the convention for medial and lateral in the segment definitions dialog.

Example: If you modify the line

RFT = Right Foot


RFT = Piede Destro

Visual3D will now display Piede Destro for the RFT segment

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