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To ensure that users do not accidentally change preferences, roles were created. This page describes the intention of the Roles and Groups.

To modify a user's Role or Group, please follow the instructions here.


When processing motion capture data, certain preferences may vary between labs. However, these preferences should not change within a lab. To ensure that these preferences are not changed accidentally, only the users with an Administrator role can change these preferences.

You can setup as many Administrators or users as you would like.


Groups were created so that certain users will only see subjects processed within their group. If two users are processing subjects for different reasons, they may not want to see each other's subjects.

For Example:

If user1 is assigned to group1 and user2 is assigned to group2:
Subjects processed by user1 in will not appear in user2's workspace.
If user1 is assigned to group1 and user2 is assigned to group1:
Subjects processed by user1 in will appear in user2's workspace.

When creating a new subject, the subject may also be assigned to different groups.

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