Entering Inertial Values Using Expressions

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It is possible to include any regression equations for the inertia and center of mass because Visual3D allows the user to put expressions into the edit boxes. Consider a typical right thigh segment, which is populated with the default inertial values.


If the user selects this segment to be a CUSTOM_SEG, the edit boxes can be edited.


For the sake of this example, we will create an expression for the Axial component of the center of mass based on the default computations described elsewhere in the documentation



For convenience create a new Subject Metric X and enter the expression RTH_DISTAL_RADIUS/RTH_PROXIMAL_RADIUS:


We can then use the Subject Data Metric X that we just created in another expression. Enter the following expression into the Segment Properties Axial edit box:



Note: the edit box doesn't show the entire expression, which is a nuisance.

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