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Create a signal that contains text instead of a number.


/TEXT_DATA=Hello World!
It is possible to specify EITHER TEXT_DATA or TEXT_FILE_NAME but not both.
/TEXT_FILE_NAME refers to a the full pathname of a file on disk that will be read as a text string (e.g. an RTF file).

and the text box and filename edit box are empty
the user is prompted for input.


Example: Given the dialog


The resulting signal in the workspace is:


Syntax Issue

Consider the following:

/TEXT_DATA=08/09/2017 by WSS Speed = 0.4
A forward slash (/) is a special character for pipeline commands that indicates that a parameter_name follows immediately afterwards.
If an equals sign (=) follows Visual3D confirms that a parameter was specified.
Two equals signs (==), however, does confirm that a parameter was specified.
Visual3D searches for an equals sign after each slash because this logically indicates that the user has specified a parameter.
Text_Data is assigned the string 08/09
Visual3D finds an equals sign after the next slash, so interprets the rest of the string as a new parameter
/2017 by MJT using Modify_Speed_Metric_Ver01 Speed = 0.4
It doesn't do anything with this parameter because it doesn't recognize it.
remove the = sign
/TEXT_DATA=08/09/2017 by WSS Speed 0.4
or specify two equals signs
/TEXT_DATA=08/09/2017 by WSS Speed == 0.4
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