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C3DMerge™ is a desktop application used to merge a C3D motion file with a C3D force file. C3DMerge™ allows the force file and the motion file to be analyzed together as one. This makes determining gait cycle events such as heel strike and toe off much more accurate, as well as calculating moments and powers.

C3DMerge™ Interface

C3Dmerge interface.png

First and Second C3D Files

For the first and second C3D file browse to the location where you saved your C3D files. The C3D files must have compatible frequencies, this means that the analog must be running at a frequency that is a multiple of the optic file. For example if the cameras are running at 100hz then the force plates must be running at 100, 200, 400hz. Having said that it is important to come up with a good naming convention, so that the correct files are merged together. Note you can not match two motion files or two force files, it must be one of each.

Merged C3D File

This section allows you to choose where you want the merged C3D file to be saved.

C3DMerge™ Command

C3DMerge™has been created so that it can be run both by clicking on the icon and using the normal interface, or by using command. The command option can be useful if you are analyzing a lot of data and create a program that runs C3DMerge™."-nologo" can be typed at the end of the command so that the program runs quietly in the background.

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