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A series of pipeline commands are saved in a .v3s. The .v3s file is an ASCII file that can be edited with any common word processing program. When Visual3D loads the .v3s pipeline file, it parses it into the individual commands that are displayed in the pipeline dialog.

Many of the topics on the C-Motion wiki contain pipelines or snippets of pipelines. These pipelines can be copied and pasted into a file and saved as a .v3s for use in the pipeline workshop.

For example, here are a series of pipeline commands that will create a model, apply the model template, open dynamic files, and assign the model to those files.

! Starting Fresh - Clear Workspace

! Create a Hybrid model.
! Prompt for the Standing Trial to use...

! Load the Model Template (Segment Definitions)

! Prompt for the Movement data files.
! Multiple files can be selected in the dialog file listing using CTRL-Click

! Assigning the Movement files to the model
! Pop up the dialog box...

How to create the.v3s file by copying the above commands:

  1. Select the pipeline text above, with the right mouse button on the highlighted text select copy.
  2. Open Notepad
  3. Paste into Notepad
  4. Save the Notepad file as TestPipeline.v3s
  5. This command can now be opened in the Visual3D pipeline dialog

Pipeline v3s.gif

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