UK Postgraduate Research Student Training Sessions

C-Motion is aware that the postgraduate research community plays a vital role in biomechanical research. Unlike academic staff, however, funding for training for the average PhD student is hard to come by. With this in mind, and due to the central location of our UK office, we are able to offer a regular monthly/bi-monthly series of training sessions, specifically for post graduate research students. These sessions will be available for individuals or groups and are at a cost of £75 per person per day (the maximum number of delegates per session is four).

This intensive one‐day workshop is suitable for all levels of Visual3D User, however it is primarily aimed at those who are fairly new to, or inexperienced in the use of, Visual3D. It will give delegates a thorough grounding in the basic functions of the product. The Visual3D software provides kinematics and kinetics (inverse dynamics) calculations for biomechanical analysis of 3D motion capture data. This workshop will provide an overview of all the available features.

Learning Objectives The aim of this workshop is to build confidence and competence, enabling participants to gain a deeper understanding of organising motion files, building models, viewing the animated playback, creating reports and streamlining data processing using pipelines.

Course Content:
  • Create a model of your subject(s) using a standing trial, and define the linked segments
  • Explore the data from your movement trials, and associate this data with your model
  • Perform any signal filtering and event processing required for your application
  • Define any biomechanical model‐based calculations, such as joint angles, moments, powers, and other computed values
  • Generate the desired kinematics and kinetics reports and graphs
  • Exporting data to an external file for statistical processing

Next Sessions:
- Wednesday 11 September 2019

For more information and to book a place on one of the sessions Contact Us over the web, or email

Proof of studentship will be required at the time of booking. Although the sessions are UK based, we are happy to accept applications from any students from anywhere.