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Convert ASCII text files from EMG and other systems into the ASCII file format that Visual3D can import. ALSO preview the ability to convert C3D files into the CMO/CMZ format needed for Inspect3D to use.

The C3D to CMO section of Convert3D will run without a license for 30 days, after which a license must be purchased to use it. If you wish to purchase a Convert3D license please contact support at

Contributed by: C-Motion

Notepad++ for Pipeline Scripts

XML language file for Visual3D Scripts. Offers editing visibility features like highlighting and indenting for script development.

Notepad++ is found at:

Contributed by: Seth Thomas

Free CMO Reader

Program to view files created by Visual3D - both CMO files and c3d files. No updates to the files can be made. Here are some sample files:
Full body Gait Analysis
Oxford Foot Model
Articulated Hand (from Quailsys)
Vicon Golem marker set
Jaw Demo

Contributed by: C-Motion

Launch Visual3D from Matlab

MatLab m-file to launch Visual3D and run a script. The script can be modified in MatLab too.

It is intended for automated, repetitive processing across groups of CMO files.

Contributed by: Dan Leib - Boise State University

Biomechanics Toolbar

The Biomechanics Toolbar is designed to make data processing more accessible for undergraduate teaching. It works as a traditional toolbar in Microsoft Excel and contains the following tools:

Contributed by: Jos Vanrenterghem, PhD
Liverpool John Moores University

Free V3D Report Viewer

A standalone program to display a Visual3D report and animation contained in a CMO/CMZ file.

Contributed by: C-Motion