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Release Notes

Visual3D Version 6.00 Copyright (C) 2000-2017 C-Motion, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Updates in v6.00.29

  • Assorted CalTester bugs fixed
  • Force Structure update bug fixed
     Updates in v6.00.28
  • Fix user interface issues for encrypted data.
  • CalTester, fix assorted bugs
  • Force Structure processing in real-time..
     Updates in v6.00.27
  • Add Best_Fit_Sphere function to expressions.
  • Fix Expression RAND function to be more random.
  • Fix Remove_Signals command for no active files and for model files.
     Updates in v6.00.26
  • Performance fix for exporting high frame graph
  • Improve defaults on File Save when closing files
  • Make_Text_Annotations expressions
  • Fix crash deleting a CODA pelvis
  • Fix First_Frame when long integer used
     Updates in v6.00.25
  • Fix legends being drawn underneath graph lines (make work like they were drawn in v5)
  • Update pipeline processing window when open.
  • Fix Auto FP Baseline when -Y is up.
  • Prompt for file save when closing C3D files.
     Updates in v6.00.24
  • Fix CMO File open crash due to recalc pipeline stack overflow problem.
  • Fix getting the number of elements from a CMZ Library.
     Updates in v6.00.23
  • Fix crash in Set_Pipeline_Parameter_To_Data when using C3D Parameters.
     Updates in v6.00.22
  • Fix command to File_Open_CalTester_File when a file is named in the command.
  • Fix dialog to modify force structures.
     Updates in v6.00.21
  • Revert 'Condition_Statement' to act as 'Expression_Loop' used to behave.
  • Fix activation for users who had a v6 evaluation installed before purchasing.
  • Allow Set_Pipeline_Parameter_To_Data_Value to use Text data.
  • Fix for Export_Line_Graph_Pipeline
  • Fix Export_C3D_File when no files are active
     Updates in v6.00.20
  • Fix CODA Pelvis dialog
  • Fix bug in Add_Graph_Annotation from pipeline.
  • Updated a few command dialogs
  • Fix Conditional_Statement from appearing as though it executes twice in processing results.
     Updates in v6.00.19
  • Fix for French language crash.
  • Tweak printed bold lines to show up properly.
     Updates in v6.00.18
  • XSens mvnx compatibility fix
  • Convert Pelvis segment type between types (CODA, V3D_Hybrid, etc).
  • Kinatrax model changes to match data in .csv file
  • Feature to create FP surface corners from FP corners
  • Expression compatibility fix for certain component access formats
  • Modify copy and reflect to work with more segment name formats (ie; L/R at end of name)
     Updates in v6.00.17
  • Fix crash reading .cmz/.cmo files with Helen Hayes pelvis
  • Fix Functional Joints/post processing crash
     Updates in v6.00.16
  • Fix Multiply_Signal_By_Constant to not crash when an element is specified that doesn't exist in the signal.
  • Fix Call_Script with a breakpoint so it can be resumed properly.
     Updates in v6.00.15
  • Conditional_Statement command made available
  • Fix validation of Export_Graph command
  • Fix file handling in Metric Compute Elipse command
  • Fix bug exporting OpenSim using a front to back treadmill
  • Fix calling a breakpoint from within a meta-command

What's New in v6.00

Visual3D v6 contains more changes than any other Visual3D release. The new file format (CMZ) saves link-model data so large files will open much faster, without the need for a model recalc. With the new 64 bit version of Visual3D along with multithreading, processing time will be significantly reduced.

NOTE: plug-in modules, real-time, and MatLab support are ONLY 32-bit compatible. The 64-bit version will allow for better use of memory, but does not support exporting to MatLab or some real-time functionality. Install the 32-bit version for full compatibility.

Although there have been many enhancements to Visual3D, below is an outline of just some of the new features and new commands.

Performance Changes

  1. A 64 Bit version of Visual3D
    1. This will resolve issues for users with large CMO's that often hit the "Out of Memory" error
  2. Multithreading
    1. C3D files are processed simultaneously for much faster processing times
  3. New CMZ file format for saving files
    1. Faster file open times
  4. Library Enhancements:
    1. Segment animation
    2. Ability to create new Link Model Based items
  5. Performance enhancements for faster model building and IK computations times
  6. Incorporate CalTester+ force platform corner location into Visual3D
  7. Inverse Kinematics Enhancements:
    1. Motion Constraints
    2. Boundary Conditions

Interface Changes

  1. Support for 4K monitors
  2. New toolbar icons
  3. Enhanced graphs with smoother lines
    1. Will also fix print to PDF issues for some users when printing dotted lines
  4. Color coded text editor for the pipeline
  5. Modeless dialogs for:
    1. Force Assignments
    2. Force Platform Parameters
  6. The Query function was added to the Reports
  7. Copy Landmark button

Event Creation

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Event_Define_Event_Sequence - Event Sequences can be used to define sequences of events such as right stance, or the first 20 cycles. Event sequences can then be used in place of events in subsequent processing.

When defining maximums & minimums in Visual3D, a new parameter was added which allows users to define the threshold. This parameter was added for the following commands:

Event Management

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Event_Sequence_Delete - Event Sequences can be used to define sequences of events such as right stance, or the first 20 cycles. Event sequences can then be used in place of events in subsequent processing.

File Management

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Create_Text_Data - Text Data is a new "Signal Type" which was added to the data tree. This allows users to define strings in the CMO file. For example, a signal can be created called "Affected_Side" and the user can specify the Left or Right side here. Files can be queried using text data as well.


New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

FP_Auto_Baseline - This command can be used to automatically determines the zero period and the force platform minimum value. This is especially helpful for treadmill trials when it is difficult to determine a period when the treadmill is unloaded and for front to back treadmills where a high force platform minimum value can cause discontinuity in the force signal.





At this time Matlab commands are only available in the 32 bit version of Visual3D. This will be changing soon.

For a sample reading the Visual3D text file into Matlab, see here.


New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

When defining maximums & minimums in Visual3D, a new parameter was added which allows users to define the threshold. This parameter was added for the following commands:


Model Based Data Computation

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Compute_Model_Based_Data parameters with added treadmill velocities

Pipeline Control

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

RT and Post Processing Biofeedback

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Reports/Interactive Graphs

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)

Folder Encryption

New/Modified Commands (click to expand)


New/Modified Commands (click to expand)
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