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File Converter

The File Converter application can be used to convert files into the default ASCII format to load into Visual3D.

The ASCII file converter may be downloaded from the C-Motion Free Downloads page.

Input files written in any plain text format may be loaded into the file converter (txt, csv, ascii, trc, ...).
To check if your file may be read by the File Converter program, open the file using Notepad++ and see if the information is read correctly.

Current version: File Converter

Input File

Input File Format Tab:

1. Browse to Input File
2. Check Input File Format
- The File Converter program will auto-populate these fields but it is necessary to check that they are correct.
- If the settings are incorrect, they can be modified and saved using the Save Profile button.
- Modified settings may be loaded using the Load Profile button.
- NEW: The Load Profile button can now import the settings from another correctly formatted ascii file.


Output File Format Tab:

3. Specify the C3D name to use
If the ASCII file will be combined with a C3D file, the C3D name must be the same as the C3D file.
4. Specify the Signal Types
5. Specify the Signal Folders
For example: ORIGINAL, PROCESSED, etc.
6. Specify the Signal Names
7. Specify the Signal Components
For example: X,Y,Z
8. Browse for the Output Folder location
9. Select Convert File(s) to convert the file(s)
10. NEW: To combine multiple input files into a single output file, select the single output file checkbox and provide a name for the output file.


Example Output Format

An example of a converted file may be seen to the right.

In this example the following inputs were specified:

C3D name to use:
Signal Types:
Signal Folders:
Signal Names:
TIME, Sig1, Sig2, Sig3, Sig4, Sig5
Signal Components:
0 , 0 , 0 , 0 , 0


Program Notes

- Multiple files may now be converted, provided they all have the same settings
- Time signals can be added on the Input File Format tab or imported from the input file
- Only 500 signals may be loaded into the File Converter at a time
- Multiple input files may now be combined into a single output file

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