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Welcome to C-Motion’s DSX motion analysis software. Our objective was to develop software for rapid, robust, and reliable bone pose estimation from radiographic image sequences. The DSX Suite of applications covers all aspects of tracking objects (bones, implants, etc.) from Biplanar videoradiography images and volume based models of those objects.


How To: Create a Subject

Using xManager


How To: Calculate the 3D Configuration

Using CalibrateDSX

How To: Collect Calibration Images


How To: Define the LCS of an Object

How To: Define Regions of Interest on an Object

Using Orient3D


How To: Get Started Tracking Bones

How To: Track Multiple Bones

How To: Optimize Xray/DRR Settings


How To: Segment Image Data and Create Surface Models

Using Surface3D


How To: Track Objects Using Points of Interest


Using PlanDSX

Motion Capture

Using Motion Capture Data

Modifying the Knee Model

How To: Calculate Bone Poses from Mocap Data

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