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The DSX applications are not installed separately (except Visual3D), but rather are installed as components of the DSX Suite. The suite requires an activation code in order to be used.

     DSX Suite Hardware Requirements
The DSX Suite runs most effectively on computers with the most CPU, RAM, and Network Capacity available.
Like most software programs, the lower the capacity of the computer, the slower the reaction time of the program will be.
We recommend the following:
  • A graphics cards that is CUDA-compatible (nVidia 1050 or better is recommended)
  • A screen that is at least 2560x1440. A big 4K or 34-inch wide gaming monitor works too. We like a 34-Inch curved monitor which is 3440x1440)
  • At least 16GB RAM
  • A multi-core 64-bit CPU
     DSX Suite Software Requirements
The DSX Suite can be operated on computers running Windows 7, 8 and 10.
At this time the DSX Suite is not compiled for operating systems other than Windows.
The DSX Suite is designed to run on 64 bit computers.
     Downloading the DSX Suite
C-Motion software is all downloaded over the Internet at www.c-motion.com.
Customers are provided login information to access the download page.
After you log in at www.c-motion.com, you will see a screen similar to this:


Click the DOWNLOAD Buttons to save the DSX Suit installation file to your computer.
Most web browsers will offer you a choice of where to save the downloaded file.
Make sure you remember where you save the downloaded file.
Run the installation executable file you downloaded.
     Installing the DSX Suite
When you run the executable file that you downloaded you will be guided though the following steps.
Your computer may ask you to confirm that you trust the source of the program you are installing.
When the Completed dialog appears the DSX Suite has been successfully installed on your computer.
If you leave the checkbox selected xManager will be opened automatically, after you click the Finish button.

DSX SuiteCompleteAndLaunch.png

All applications in DSX Suite can be activated with one suite license key.
The instructions for activating are listed below; once the suite is activated you will not need to repeat these steps again unless the suite is deactivated.
A license key you purchase can only be used on one computer at a time.
If you wish to use the license key on another computer you will need to deactivate the DSX suite on the computer that the license key is being used on (instructions are below.)
You can then use that key to activate the DSX suite on another computer.

If one of the DSX applications has not been activated then when you try and open it for the first time - either by clicking on its link at the bottom of xManager or by clicking on the application desktop shortcut - you will presented with the Activation dialog.

You will be asked to enter your license key into the text field. It is a string of four sets of four numbers (ie. #### - #### - #### - ####) which is normally e-mailed to you when you initially purchase the DSX applications. The number can also be found on the c-motion website when you login to your customer's download page. If you press the Cancel button the DSX application will close without being activated.


When you press Activate on the above dialog box the "Activation Complete" notice should appear.


NOTE: If you are not connected to the Internet the first time you start the program, you will get a message with key system information. You can manually activate a license from the downloads web page (from the list of activated systems section), or you may copy the entire message in the dialog box and e-mail it to support@c-motion.com.

If you receive the "Activation Error" notice, please verify that you have entered the license key correctly. If the problem persists contact support@c-motion.com for further assistance.


NOTE 2: If you receive the "Previously Activated User" notice then the license is already in use and you will either have to deactivate it on another computer or purchase an additional license.

In order for a DSX application license to be used on another computer it must first be deactivated on the computer it is being used on.
  1. On the tool bar in the top left corner of the screen expand the Help menu. X4DHelpMenu.png
  1. From the drop down menu select the About button at the bottom.
  1. In the About dialog click on the Deactivate button at the bottom right.
     Uninstalling or Moving the DSX Suite

If you want to completely move DSX to another computer, just to remove the DSX Suite from your computer, you will need to first free up the license and then uninstall it.

Deactivate the DSX license(s) to free it up for future use - see above.
Close all DSX applications completely.
Use the standard Windows tools for uninstalling software.
In Win10 this is under the Settings and Apps menu.
For previous versions of Windows, use the Control Panel section for Programs and Features.
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