Create Digitizing Landmarks

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In Model Builder mode switch to the Landmarks Property page, select the Digitizing Tab.

If you have not created a model template containing the pointer landmarks, you can create the landmarks interactively.

If you already have a landmarks template file, you can select Load Points From File.

Select Default Landmark Name

The combo box contains a list of default digitizing landmark definitions, but the user is free to simply type into the combo box and set custom properties. In this case D_RHIP_LATERAL refers to a Digitizing landmark for the Right Hip Lateral Surface.


Select Custom Landmark Name

To create a custom name, simply type the name into the ComboBox and select create.

Select Tracking Markers

Select create and the following list box appears:


Select the 3 tracking markers associated with this landmark.

Audio Prompt

Select the button and browse for the audio file.

There is no default folder for the audio files.

Add additional landmarks

You can continue to add landmarks to the listbox


Note that these landmarks have been stored in the file landmarks.vdp which can be loaded by selecting the button "Load Points From File"

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