CalibrateDSX Overview

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The primary purpose of the CalibrateDSX program is to correct the uniformity, correct any distortions, and resize the x-ray images. CalibrateDSX also allows the following functions:

  • Digitizing the beads in the calibration cube,
  • Calculating the 3D configuration parameters for each view, and
  • Calculating the transformation matrix between the x-ray frame defined by the calibration cube and the motion capture reference frame.

Note: The transform matrix between the x-ray frame and the motion capture reference frame is needed if you want to use motion capture data to seed the pose optimization in X4D.


The instructions on the use of the CalibrateDSX is divided into sections. They are as follows:

CalibrateDSX cannot be installed independently, only as a part of the DSX Manager system. The instructions on installing can be found on the DSX Manager Installation Page. CalibrateDSX requires an activation code in order to be used.

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