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Visual3DServer can be used in two ways. First, it can be used to broadcast from a number of different hardware and software options to Visual3D. This function does not require that the software be licensed and is free to existing Visual3D customers.

Second, Visual3DServer can be used to stream data from a number of different hardware and software options to a custom biofeedback client. In order for this function to be used a Software Developers Kit (SDK) must be purchased and Visual3DServer must be activated .

Once Visual3DServer's setting are in place and the biofeedback client is up and running Visual3DServer will run in the background. The Visual3DServer interface displays both numerical (in table and graph form) and graphical representations of the data being received.


Visual3DServer can receive data from multiple data sources simultaneously. The Server can then stream data to any biofeedback client that use the C-Motion XML Network Protocol for exchanging motion capture data. The Server can stream to any number of clients at once, or to the same client a number of times. Visual3DServer can be run on a computer which is separate from the computer running the client and the hardware. Additionally, the Server can stream to clients located on multiple computers.

Visual3DServer can receive data from the following hardware systems:

- AMTI Gen5

- AMTI Gen5 Type6

- Bertec AM6X00

- C3D File

- CEN File

- MAC_Cortex

- NaturalPoint Motive

- Myon

- NDI First Principles

- NaturalPoint OptiTrack

- Qualisys QTM

- Vicon DataStream

- x-io

Specifications for the plugins can be found on the Plugins page.

Visual3DServer can stream data to any of the following biofeedback clients:

- CFI Bader


- Treadmetrix


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