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C-Motion Product Documentation


News: Visual3D v5 was released August 2013

Visual3D™ is the most advanced biomechanics analysis software for 3D motion capture data available. With Visual3D™ you can accurately analyze 3D movements using your own data, analysis techniques, marker sets, and data capture systems.

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C-Motion is distributing the AMASS software developed by Andy Dainis (ADTech) for extremely accurate 3D volume calibration and target/marker tracking.

C-Motion provides Capture2D to collect data from NaturalPoint cameras. This allows the data to be used for biomechanics rather than animation.

AMASS Introduction

AMASS Documentation

AMASS Practical Considerations

CalTester is an easy-to-use tool and software program to provide needed configuration and calibration information of a laboratory's motion and force measurement systems. It also can be used to find the accurate position, orientation, and corners of a force plate used with an optical motion capture system.

CalTester now handles instrumented treadmills and force structures.


The Inertia program is based on collaboration with Fred Yeadon Loughbrough University.

Pointer-C3D is an easy-to-use tool and software program to allow the creating of Virtual Markers (Visual3D Landmarks) using a Digitizing Pointer.

The Visual3D Server will stream real-time data from a number of different hardware and software options to a biofeedback client. Once Visual3D Server's settings are in place and the biofeedback client is up and running Visual3D Server will run in the background. The Visual3D Server and client interface display both numerical (in table and graph form) and graphical representations of the data being received.

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