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Visual3D is the premier 3D analysis toolkit you need to perform 3D biomechanics modeling, analysis, and reporting functions.

It is used to measure and quantify movement as collected by a 3D motion capture system.

Customers include universities, commercial, and government researchers studying rehabilitation, neuroscience, engineering, robotics, sports (performance tracking, injury prevention, equipment manufacture, exercise studies), orthopedics, prosthetics, animal studies, disability assessments, and much more.

Visual3D is for processing the data collected by a 3D motion capture system – regardless of the manufacturer – as long as the output is in standard C3D format or real-time streaming is provided.

It is the one product that will let you take full advantage of your system’s capabilities by removing any limitations of predetermined marker sets, analysis rules, or other restrictions. It eliminates the need for custom analysis software development, or trying to maintain and extend manufacturer functionality with third party products like Matlab.

  modelModel development is rapid, graphical, and unrestricted.  Use any marker set and create virtual markers and segments.
analysisAnalyze data graphically and supports custom calculations.
rptProduce complex reports – graphs, tables, metrics, images, and export to ASCII or XML Opendoc format.

The Visual3D technical documentation is located on the wiki here.



    • Flexible Modeling – Global Optimization, 6 DOF, Conventional Gait, Virtual Markers, and more. Modeling is done graphically but allows for entry of direct measurements, inverse kinematic setting, inertial properties, graphic overlay adjustments, and much more.

    • Biomechanics Calculations: 3D Kinematics, 3D Kinetics, & EMG. In addition to metrics such as joint angles, moments, center of pressure, signal filtering, DFT, center of mass, energies, rotations, volumes, derivatives, and much more – you can write your own computations. Full control of input parameters, Euler angles, rotation order for cardan angles, coordinate systems, and other parameters make Visual3D the most powerful analysis tool for biomechanics available.

    • Integrated Support for Force Sensors, Force Platforms, Instrumented Stairs, and Instrumented Treadmills.

    • Comprehensive Reporting and Graphing. Graphs can be constrained to events, exported as images or OpenDoc XML, or correlated to create normative data.

    • Export to OpenSim. Global optimization applied and .mot and.xml files produced.

    • Comprehensive Data Management of C3D files. Subject tagging and model association allow for integrated data sets. External indexing allows for integrated access to libraries of data, subject, and files.

    • Enables and Supports Complex Analyses. Build custom mathematical expressions within a pipeline for creating metrics, processing signals, or manipulating data.

    • Real-Time Streaming from systems that can support it. For example, data streamed from Vicon Nexus can be processed and analyzed in real-time to provide biofeedback loops.

    • Keeps a History of all Processing Steps on the Data.

    • 3D Digitizing Pointer Support for creating virtual markers (landmarks).

    • Functional Joint Center Calculations.

    • Extensive Pipeline Scripting for Automation. Scripts can be simple or extremely complex, featuring for loops, meta command, and full control over all Visual3D functions.

    • Real-Time Biofeedback, RT Analysis, RT Pipeline. Coming soon: An SDK for defining custom biofeedback applications for mulitple platforms, such as the iPad.

    • Relational Database Support enabled the exporting of data into C3D compatible data tables.

  • Induced Acceleration Analysis.


Note: Visual3D is for research, not for video animation or game development. It does not handle 2D video image input data without first converting it to a 3D digital format.

Visual3D includes one year of support as part of the initial purchase. Licenses are computer-based and each one is activated over the Internet. All software is downloaded over the Internet from

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