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AMASS was written by Dr Andrew Dainis, one of the world’s leading authorities on 3D calibration and reconstruction. He was instrumental in developing most of the motion capture calibration and tracking technologies and approaches used today. This release of AMASS™ is an entirely new generation of technology, with stunning accuracy.

AMASS™ processes the raw centroid data from multiple cameras. By using a specially designed wand, a motion capture volume is calibrated with extreme accuracy. Target data (centroids) captured in the calibrated volume can then be tracked, and several tools and techniques have been implemented to make this painless and extremely accurate. Tracking data is then written to a C3D file for analysis in Visual3D™.

The AMASS documentation can be found on the wiki here


  • Includes Capture2D™ for Data Collection using Natural Point Optitrack Camera Systems
  • Custom Calibration Wand for Enhanced Accuracy
  • Linearized Lens Correction
  • 3D Volume Calibration
  • Automatic Marker Tracking
  • Enhanced and Automatic Tracking Features
  • No Marker Placement Restrictions
  • Future versions will provide real-time data streaming

Note: A special Calibration Wand is required (and is part of the purchase price).

AMASS software for 3D Calibration and Tracking includes the calibration wand, and
Capture2D software for getting data from NaturalPoint OptiTrack cameras, are software
downloads from C-Motion’s web site.

Shipping costs for the wand are included in the price.


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