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C-motion has thousands of Visual3D users world-wide. This can cause a problem of scalability with tech support. Therefore, Visual3D support is provided via e-mail. Over the years we have discovered that e-mail allows for a better dialog about issues, it enables files to be passed to illustrate or point out problems, and it is respectful of time zones across the planet.

Phone calls are discouraged because they disrupt the flow of work and are less focused, so they can easily escalate into consulting or training sessions – at the expense of others seeking help or important work that needs to be done. Our Canadian office does not even have phone service.

Visual3D support is unusual in that the scientists and developers who created and program Visual3D are the ones providing support. Most often you will be dealing with a PhD in biomechanics with incredible experience when answering your e-mail questions. We know that those who buy and use Visual3D are the heavy hitters in biomechanics already, so it requires no less a level of expertise to give meaningful and helpful answers – thus traditional help desks, support tiers, and outsourcing options would be impractical and unfair to our customers. Likewise, it helps our developers to be plugged into the community and being aware of problems and the trends of science via this outside communications channel.

So – please feel free to ask questions and request support when you run into problems or areas of uncertainty. An active support contract will give you access to a tremendous resource. Be aware, if you do not have an active support agreement, you will still get a basic level of support, but complex issues may need to be sidelined in favor of paying customers.

You can contact us for support here…